Inspiring elegance in everyday life

Created in 2018 by Brisehyda and Daniel Cheung, En Belle Époque creates and curates French inspired pieces and accessories that embody the personal style and sensibility of its founders. The highest regard for materials and craftsmanship, and a dedication to bringing innovative and meaningful designs into existence, are at the forefront of En Belle Époque. 

Honor others more than yourselves - Romans 12:10

We believe that our customers and partners are the heart and soul of our brand, and giving back is the most precious form of achieving success. When you choose a piece from En Belle Époque, you’re doing more than embodying a fashion statement, you’re supporting the values it was founded on - honoring, serving and empowering others.



To design classic pieces, that redefine modern elegance.

To curate collections full of meaning, a profound story with each accessory.

Innovative solutions does not stop at the forefront of fashion.

Honor others through life-giving messages, transforming them for eternity.

Getting lost in serving others abundantly is a wonderful place to be found.